What Should I Expect
What is expected of me?
You are welcome to participate in the manner you are comfortable. God has gifted everyone with many talents and abilities. We encourage you to join our fellowship and use your gifts for the glory of God, to build up this congregation and reach others for Christ. 
What if I don’t know the songs or can’t sing?
No Problem. You can follow the words to the songs which are projected on the screen. Relax and listen to the praises to the Lord. Please enjoy the time of worship and take the time to reflect on the words.
What should I do during communion?
We celebrate the Lord’s Supper each Sunday as described in the New Testament. Our Communion Service is open to all believers who wish to remember Christ’s sacrifice. Right now we will provide each person who would like to share in communion with an individually wrapped bread and juice cup for you to take safely as you are lead. 
If I would like to give an offering…how do I give now?
Not a problem.  As the body of Christ we give sacrificially to support the body.  If you are a part of the body and would like to give on-line or mail in a gift…that’s great.  Or you can simply drop your gift in the basket in the foyer on your way out of the building.  It’s between you and God.